Tutoring & Teaching


We are enthusiastic to convey our knowledge, academic skills and abilities when providing conversational sessions to individuals and small groups of Adults, Professionals, University and High School Students (along with an optional follow-up refreshing course in an English speaking country).

Our goal: The 4 basic skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are taught and learnt according to your needs and pace following a communicative/interactive methodology by means of newspaper articles, essays, films, songs, real audio & visual messages from any qualified media source where the priority is given to a learner-centered proactive approach aiming at him/her successfully mastering the language in its proper register.

Last but not least: We supply and carefully monitor one-to-one tutoring to learners for IELTS ,CELTA, TOEFL, FIRST, PROFICIENCY, TRINITY Exams and Certificates and E.S.P.(English for Specific Purposes).