Outgoing Worldwide

As Licensed Tour Directors in Europe we run groups and individuals in English, French, Italian up to your requirements.

We meet and greet our groups on arrival and departure at any international airport and port of call.

Our guided tours devised -whether for special interest groups or individuals – usually start from one country on arrival and end into another on departure thus offering a wider outlook of this area to be appreciated more as a puzzle rather than a unique whole.

We are thrilled to show the contrasting natural beauties , different historical backgrounds and cultural features peculiar to each visited country and city by highlighting artistic masterpieces ,customs, traditions and, last but not least, local gourmet specialties so as to provide a complete cultural mosaic of the areas to our travelling companions.

While highly considering and evaluating the emotional impact such a trip may have for a first time visitor, our goal is to turn it into an unforgettable experience to be happily recalled when back home on a daily routine and make you say: I wish I were…